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Experience the dynamic city of Hong Kong!  This city puts an Eastern twist to the meaning of the city that never sleeps.  As a former colony of the British, Hong Kong was heavily influenced with European styles while keeping its East Asian roots.  The result turned into a bustling cityscape filled with a different taste than its Asian neighbors.  Feel the vigorous energy as you walk through ever changing sights and sounds.  Hong Kong also offers some of the worlds best night life and shopping experiences.  The possibilities are endless in this city where East meets West!
Marvelous Hong Kong Tour
Duration 4 Days
Starting From From SGD $ 515.00 Land Only
Hong Kong Shopping Tour
Duration 7 Days
Starting From From SGD $ 1,655.00 Land Only
No travel to Asia is ever complete without experiencing the unusual and exciting city of Hong Kong. Your tour is special because it is managed by a Hong Kong travel agency that really knows the ins and outs of this fabulous city. This is where you can see first hand for yourself a complete and successful blend of European and Eastern Asian influences. Your visit will include numerous Hong Kong tourist attractions that will leave memories with you forever. This is where the West and East meet in a city that functions 24 hours a day, never sleeping.

Among the countless Hong Kong tourist attractions available, you will see many European styles and shops that were created in the past when the city was a thriving part of the British Empire of colonies. Though a host of big changes occurred after Hong Kong officially returned to its roots as part of mainland China, much of the city still functions as it had for many decades as a melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures and influences.

One attraction to be sure to fit in to your Hong Kong travel schedule is the Stanley Market. This market is great for souvenirs or silk Chinese garments and as long as you go in the morning, there are no crowds to fight. It is a smaller marketplace and the merchants speak English, which is a definite advantage over the other area markets.

While in the area, you might want to visit Aberdeen Fishing Village where many locals are living on their houseboats. The bus ride there is very beautiful! Another favorite site is Victoria Peak (HK Island). It has the best view of the most beautiful harbor in the world (Victoria Harbor) and Hong Kongs skyline is most breathtaking at night, or during the day for pictures, with the sun to your back. Repulse Bay is a peaceful and relaxing place to picnic or swim, exquisitely scenic without the crowds and great eateries at the promenade!

For a relaxing time away from the rat race of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, it is only a short ferry trip to Lamma Island for an enjoyable 5km walk and peaceful ambience. The ferry ride takes you to Sok Kwu Wan (which is on the south side of Lamma). Unless you are really hungry, ignore all the seafood eating places along the way to Yung Shue Wan. Once in Yung Shue Wan will probably want to visit a place called The Waterfront. It overlooks the water, the food is good and prices are very reasonable. It is just off the main drag, well worth the detour off the beaten track. This is a no car Island so its completely devoid of pollution. The island is lovely for a hike to another village or up to the Lamma wind mill. Most people on the island speak English, so there will be no problem asking for directions.

The influence of this region can be seen the world over. Hong Kong and China have made and continue to make significant contributions to the healing arts, sciences and technologies in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. For centuries, people have traveled to Hong Kong and China for treatments. In the last 50+ years, Oriental Medical and Acupuncture schools have successfully blossomed and flourished in many parts of Europe and the Americas. Hong Kong really does have the whole package - a beautiful, rich history with an appreciation for both ancient wisdom and modern technology.
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